Licensing terms

The author(s) independently sending the scientific article, undertake the following obligations: they transfer the journal’s editions non-exclusive rights to use the scientific article by reproducing it, using the scientific article as whole or fragmentarily in combination with any text, photographs or drawings, full-text network versions of the numbers on the website of the journal.

The author(s) is (are) responsible for the misuse in the scientific article of intellectual property objects, copyright objects or «know-how» in full in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The author(s) confirm that the article being sent is published first time and was not sent in another journals. The author(s) agrees to process their personal data in accordance Personal Data Protection Act (Personal Data Protection Act) in force since 01.01.2002 (updated SG  No. 1 of 4 January 2002): surname, name, second name, scientific degree, academic title, position, place(s) of work and/or training, contact information at the place of work and/or training, with a goal to publishing the article in the journal. The author (s) confirm that the scientific article being sent does not contain data or information with limited access and that it does not require the permission of the Ministry of Education or other ministries and departments for its publication.

The author(s) of the article is (are) familiar with and agree with the following conditions:

— the author’s rights for a scientific article belong to the author (s) of this article;

— copyrights to the journal number (in whole) belong to the founder of the journal;

— the editorial board of the journal has the right to provide the scientific articles to Russian and foreign organizations that provide indexes of scientific citation;

— the editorial board of the journal has the right to make the necessary clarifications and abbreviations;

— remuneration (fee) for published articles is not paid, materials of scientific articles sent to the editorial office are not returned to author (s).

However, the authors have the right to use all materials in their subsequent publications, if it provided that a reference is made to publications in our journal.

The author has the right to send submitted version, accepted version and published version to any repository of the author’s choice without an embargo.

The contents of the journal are licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC license.