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  • 27.08.2020
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Since 2020, all articles of the Balkan scientific review are cited in Crossref with DOI assignment.

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) ​​is the identifier of a digital object (the phrase digital object identifier, DIO is also used) is a standard for designating information presented on the network used by all major international scientific organizations and publishing houses.

The DOI identification system is used in various information segments (scientific information, regulatory documents, training materials, reporting documents, etc.). Registration agency CrossRef is responsible for the scientific information segment.

Our Publishing House  LLC (EOOD) “SCIENTIFIC CHRONOGRAPH” has its own DOI-prefix – 10.34671.. This will ensure that your articles are uploaded to the DOI, receive a DOI ID, and never disappear from the DOI.

  • DOI greatly facilitates the procedures for citing, searching and localizing a scientific publication.
  • DOI assignment provides reduced link loss. DOI code, which, unlike a bibliographic reference, can be recognized without errors.
  • DOI assignment protects intellectual property.